As of January 18, 2023, Grant Blackford Mental Health and Family Services Society have merged to become Radiant Health. Read More. 

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It just takes a few minutes to sign up and get fast, easy access to care, 24/7. No need for your insurance card yet.

“Spring” Cleaning

Good morning and Happy Monday!

Wow! What a great weekend! Gorgeous temperatures.  Sunshine.  We spent our days cleaning up debris from the yard and doing the annual spring doggie doo clean-up.  I hear you giggling. If you have a dog, you know what I mean.  The snow has finally melted and you can find the “hidden treasure.”

Here’s our primary contributor, Husker:


Being outside and cleaning up got me inspired to start tackling some indoor cleaning projects as well.  I have a hit list for over the coming weeks that will help me sort through and cast off the old—clothes that really don’t fit my life anymore; appliances that were given to me by relatives who really don’t know me; and the random collections of things that I have acquired over the years that I may no longer love.  I love to purge my way through the house—makes me feel amazing.

The key to a great purge is to do it one category at a time and do ALL of that category.  For example, clothes is for a little later this week.  I’ll go through every item in my closet and drawers as well as the coat closet and make a pile of the things I no longer love.  You know the items—the ones you think, I may want to wear that someday.

If you’re starting in the kitchen, begin with utensils (how many spatulas does one household really need?) and move to portable appliances like blenders, steamers, etc.

Keep what you love, get rid of the rest.  The other great thing about doing a spring purge is you can get a feel for what you truly need.  I like to keep a running list of items that are worn out and need to be replaced.

This week I challenge you to set aside a small amount of time and tackle one purge category—maybe it’s your refrigerator (that’s mine for tonight), or your coat closet, or a “junk drawer.”  See how liberating it is to cast off the things you no longer need and make room for new opportunities, experiences and even things, to come into your life.  Have a GREAT week!

Hi there.
We're Radiant Health.

On January 19th, 2023 Grant Blackford Mental Health, Inc. and Family Service Society, Inc. merged to create a bigger, better, and brighter mental health organization called Radiant Health.

We’re excited for you to meet the new us, and to get a chance to help work together on the new you.

How we help.

When you’re in the middle of it, addiction can feel like a dead-end road. We know for certain that it isn’t. Just like any mental health challenge, addiction is an obstacle on our path. And, with some innovation and hardwork, we can work our way around it. On the other side of that obstacle is a bright future with healthy relationships, purpose-driven life, and a profound joy that’s been missing for all too long.

What do we mean?

Like so many things, mental health is passed down through families. Through behaviors, mirroring, and conditioning, we learn so much of what we know from those closest to us. Oftentimes that’s for the better, sometimes it’s not. At Radiant Health, we’re here to help ensure that your family makes purpose and joy as hereditary as any trait you might pass down to future generations. With a bit of hard word, together, we can make joy run in your family. 

What is Better?

Better ≠ perfect. Better means a path of continuous improvement; of evolution. When we focus on getting 1% better, 1% brighter every single day., we’re able to see the joy in the moment, while feeling the pride that comes with taking the reins over your life and working hard on yourself.  Here at Radiant, to focus on your future, we move towards it one achievable step at a time. 

What is Better Care?

When we talk about “brighter, better care” through our specialized services it boils down to 3 simple ideas. First, better care is safer care. Our facilities and staff are trained and equipped to offer safe, secure facilities during any stay. Second, better care is a respect for dignity. We believe in the dignity of every human being and we treat each person with the same level of respect. Finally, better care is the pursuit of purpose. Our treatment is designed with the firm belief that every person has purpose and, through it, finds joy.

What to Expect?

At Radiant Health you can expect a warmth and cheer that are rare in the mental health space. We believe firmly that the commitment to mental health is a commitment to finding purpose, but also discovering joy in the pursuit of it. Walking through our doors is a simple and transparent process. You’ll begin with an initial consultation with our expert staff, developing a blueprint, and taking that first step towards incremental improvement.