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Gains from Losses During Quarantine

My son had a stem cell transplant from his sister on February 7th of this year in hope of curing his leukemia and he and I have essentially been quarantining ever since.

Wearing masks and gloves.  Constantly cleaning.  Avoiding crowds and spending an immense amount of time alone.  We often talk about how much we cannot wait to “get out” of this quarantine.  The other day we had a different conversation about what we had gained from losing our perceived freedom to move about without fear of infection.

The first thing we realized we gained was time freedom.  We were able to delete all the meetings and requirements on our schedules.  We were able to decide each and every day how to use our time.  We’ve read more books.  We’ve journaled more.  We’ve watched movies and had discussions.  We’ve completed puzzles.  We sat on the roof with our faces to the sun.  We’ve rested more—sleeping longer at night.  Napping during the day when we felt like we needed it.

The second thing we realized we gained was intimacy.  Many of us are afraid of that word because it has been confused with sexual intimacy.  To be in an intimate relationship with anyone means you are able to be fully vulnerable; your perfectly flawed self.  What that looks like between my son and me—deep conversations about life and death, choices and consequences.  It can be pretty raw sometimes and we’ve had to admit our fears and frustrations.  We’ve talked about love, family, and life vision.  And we’ve deeply questioned faith and what that means to each of us.  We’ve also hurt each other on occasion and had to sort that out.

The final thing we gained from temporarily losing our freedom to move about was truth.  When you are spending so much time in small quarters with one another, as intimacy increases truth emerges.  As an example, Will called me out recently on the way I approached him about something.  He said, “Mom, you come at me with aggressive energy I’m going to come back at you with the same energy.”  He was right.  I was annoyed about something that had nothing to do with him and I targeted him with that energy instead of grounding myself before talking to him.  I brought my annoyed, aggressive energy into the space and changed the dynamic in a swift moment.  These moments of truth have been wonderful learning opportunities for both of us that keep us honest about who we are.  I don’t know that we would have them if we were not in the current situation.

Busyness left me feeling unfulfilled and this pause that initially I felt was oppressive has actually provided greater gains than losses.  And while I am looking forward to being able to choose my own produce at the grocery store, get a cup of coffee from my favorite barista, hug my parents or sit with my favorite people and laugh until my cheeks hurt, I’m taking these lessons from quarantine with me and hope to never return to the way I was before.

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Hi there.
We're Radiant Health.

As of January 18, 2023, Grant Blackford Mental Health and Family Services Society, two organizations that merged in April 2022, rebranded under the unified name Radiant Health.

We’re excited for you to meet the new us, and to get a chance to help work together on the new you.

How we help.

When you’re in the middle of it, addiction can feel like a dead-end road. We know for certain that it isn’t. Just like any mental health challenge, addiction is an obstacle on our path. And, with some innovation and hardwork, we can work our way around it. On the other side of that obstacle is a bright future with healthy relationships, purpose-driven life, and a profound joy that’s been missing for all too long.

What do we mean?

Like so many things, mental health is passed down through families. Through behaviors, mirroring, and conditioning, we learn so much of what we know from those closest to us. Oftentimes that’s for the better, sometimes it’s not. At Radiant Health, we’re here to help ensure that your family makes purpose and joy as hereditary as any trait you might pass down to future generations. With a bit of hard word, together, we can make joy run in your family. 

What is Better?

Better ≠ perfect. Better means a path of continuous improvement; of evolution. When we focus on getting 1% better, 1% brighter every single day., we’re able to see the joy in the moment, while feeling the pride that comes with taking the reins over your life and working hard on yourself.  Here at Radiant, to focus on your future, we move towards it one achievable step at a time. 

What is Better Care?

When we talk about “brighter, better care” through our specialized services it boils down to 3 simple ideas. First, better care is safer care. Our facilities and staff are trained and equipped to offer safe, secure facilities during any stay. Second, better care is a respect for dignity. We believe in the dignity of every human being and we treat each person with the same level of respect. Finally, better care is the pursuit of purpose. Our treatment is designed with the firm belief that every person has purpose and, through it, finds joy.

What to Expect?

At Radiant Health you can expect a warmth and cheer that are rare in the mental health space. We believe firmly that the commitment to mental health is a commitment to finding purpose, but also discovering joy in the pursuit of it. Walking through our doors is a simple and transparent process. You’ll begin with an initial consultation with our expert staff, developing a blueprint, and taking that first step towards incremental improvement.