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Domestic Violence is Personal for 11-Year-Olds Aylivia and Shelby

Domestic violence is personal for Aylivia Mellon and Shelby Harrison, even though they are only 11 years old and have not directly been touched by this horrific crime.

Recently, Aylivia and Shelby completed a project they created called Bracelets for the Battered by donating $125 to Hands of Hope, a division of Radiant Health, Inc. from jewelry the pair made.

Their moms’ Maggie Pulley and Heidi Harrison suggested the girls might want to donate to Hands of Hope because of people the two women knew. Maggie said her best friend’s mom was Judi Flannery, a strong advocate in the anti-domestic violence movement and former director of then, Women’s Services. Heidi and her daughter, Shelby, used to get their hair cut by Heidi McKinney who was murdered by her estranged husband in 2009, who killed another man and then himself.

While I was touched by the connection domestic violence played in both families’ lives, it was the fact that two 11 year old Marion residents would take the time, initiative and planning to initiate this fundraiser that I was most impressed about.

As I know, and continue to work to educate the community about, domestic violence is a cycle that must be broken. It is a crime that if left hidden will cycle from one generation to the next, creating havoc, and demoralizing families.

But in homes where parents have chosen to have the tough conversations, and enlighten and support their youth to make a difference, domestic violence is less likely to thrive.

So, while I say THANK YOU to both of these students and their mothers, I also

challenge other families to get involved in their own way.

Not everyone has the talent, time or drive to make bracelets and earrings, but everyone has the ability to impact the life of someone else.

As Hands of Hope’s mantra clearly states: we must LEAD WITH RESPECT, STAND WITH RESPECT and LIVE WITH RESPECT. If we do that, I believe we will see if not an end to domestic violence, certainly a reduction in Grant County.

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